Welcome to the Georgia Aircraft Modelers Association, Inc. on-line membership application

Applying on-line will allow you to get started flying sooner at our flying site in Fort Valley, Georgia. After filling out the form click on submit. You will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly confirming we have received your application and are processing your request. This will take some time because we must manually process your application. We might be out flying and can't process the application immediately. If you become impatient, contact us at 478-396-8731. Once we process your request we will notify you by e-mail on your next step; cost of membership, where to send the payment and giving you temporary flying privileges (assuming you have a valid AMA number) until your dues payment is received. We hope you enjoy this method of becoming a member of the Georgia Aircraft Modelers Association, Inc.

Benefits of Joining:

1.  Unlimited access to a first class flying site.  The flying site is maintained as a service to our members. Grass cutting etc. is contracted out and maintained year round.  Members are well aware when they decide to fly RC, the field will be ready.

2.  Monthly picnics during the summer months for members and families, provided for by the club. Members volunteer as hosts each month to arrange for the picnic.

3.  Monthly competitive events during the summer months for members with cash prizes for the top three scorers. Members volunteer as hosts each month to arrange and run the event.

4.  Monthly cash drawings for those members attending the monthly meetings and cookouts.  You must be present to win, otherwise the drawing amount rolls over to the next month increasing each month until it is won. 

5.  Discounted fuel for members. The club provides fuel at the field for club members that can be purchased at a discount, available at the field year round eliminating those long trips to hobby shops to get fuel.

6.  Third year of membership, dues are free if you meet the requiremenets set forth in article V of the constitution..  After paying dues for at least 24 months of continuous membership, the third year is free.

7.  Modest dues structure: 

Dues (adult) $60*

Seniors (65 & up) $40*

Annual Junior Dues (under 19) $10

Contact us for any additional questions you may have.

AMA membership is required to fly at the GAMA flying site for insurance purposes and to satisfy the requirements of our lease.!

*Pro-rated dues for remaining months of year on initial adult membership.

After you have reviewed our web site and are now ready ready to join GAMA, please fill out the form below and click on submit.

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